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We’re able to recycle more products curbside than ever before!  It’s easy!  I have two trash cans (side by side) in my kitchen.  One for trash, one for recycling.  This is something simple and easy that EVERYONE can do to make Wells Branch better.  Please do your part.  Recycle & remind your neighbors!

Recycling pickup only occurs every other week on regular trash pickup days.   To download a calendar for 2015-2016 with recycling guidelines, click HERE.

***NEW Guidelines for Quarterly Collections:

• OIL of ANY TYPE (Motor or Cooking)
• Solvents
• Paint Thinners
• Wood Stains or Sealants
• Cleaning Products
• Chemicals
• Heavy Metals
• Car or Boat Batteries
• Yard Chemicals (collected at 2606 Tracy for repurposing)

Household Waste can ONLY collect:
Household and Utility ONLY
NO Car or Boat Batteries

Must be in closed containers
Cannot accept damaged or leaking containers
Dried out paint cans may be placed in the slide-off dumpsters
NO paint solvents or thinners
NO wood stains or sealants
Spray paint may be accepted for repurposing or recycling via blue bins

Must be in closed, labeled containers

2 thoughts on “Recycling Calendar & Info

  1. What are the specifications to utilize the dumpsters during Monthly Clean-up daY? Is oil permissble? What about a couch? Please advise. Thank you!

    1. Yes to both! There should be a list of acceptable items on the MUD website at Turn the oil in to the workers at the maintenance yard as they have a separate container for used oil and just put any other large bulky items in the dumpster. So far as I know, the only restrictions are on older items with refrigerant (freon) in them (freezers, refrigerators, etc.)

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