The Mansions at Travesia

Once completed, The Mansions at Travesia, located at 4301 Grand Avenue Pkwy,  will consist of 445 luxury units housed in 49 buildings ranging in size from 2-storey to 4-storey with a separate club house on-site.  Spread out over 25 acres, the complex is split between Travis and Williamson Counties and within the 5 mile ETJ of the City of Austin.  Although The Mansions broke ground several months ago, we do not yet have an estimated date for completion.

Expect the finished development to be similar to The Mansions at Lakeline, a sister community.  Visit their website at for a preview.

Below is the approved site plan for the development.  Please note that the main entrance lines up directly with Quick Hill Road for easy access to 1325 and County Road 172 leading to the Toll Road.  To download a full-size PDF of the site plan, click HERE.

Mansions of Travesia Site Plan copyThere’s a tremendous amount of paperwork available on this project.  Rather than post the individual documents here, we suggest you go to the City of Austin Residential Plan Review Site at  To access all files relating to this project, enter the following Case Number:  SP-2015-0011D

The Travis County Case Manager overseeing this project is Nikki Hoelter.  She may be reached at 512-974-2863 should you have any questions.