Travesia Subdivision

An 81-site single family housing development, this community will be located off Grand Avenue Parkway with access from Well Branch via Cadoz Drive.

The developer’s initial plan did not include connectivity to Grand Avenue via Cadoz. Instead, Cadoz would have intersected Bristol Motor Pass where traffic would have had to travel to Canberra Trail to access Grand Avenue Parkway.  Both the original Site Plan and the accepted Site Plan are below.  It helps to have the final plan in view when reading the following text.

  • Travis County rejected the original plan in late November 2015 as it had Bristol Motor Pass dead-ending at the retention pond for the Mansions at Travesia apartment complex to the west (or, as the engineer put it, created a place for old cars to go and die and/or a dump site).
  • The developers countered with the current plan as a solution and Travis County accepted the change as it adds connectivity to both neighborhoods.
  • Cadoz will connect with Grand Avenue, but it is limited to right turn only by a large median at that intersection.
    • Travis County intends to leave the median intact to help control traffic flow.
    • There will be NO left turn from any direction at the Cadoz/Grand Avenue intersection.
    • Northbound traffic desiring to access 1325 from Cadoz will have to:
      • turn right on Grand Avenue, and make a U-turn at Canberra Pass
      • or, turn right on Bristol Motor Pass, left on Canberra, then left on Grand Avenue.
    • This in and of itself should help limit the increase in five o’clock traffic.
  • Regarding concern over morning traffic:
    • The daily traffic back-up on Shoreline during school drop off will NOT encourage anyone coming from Travesia to take that as an alternate route or “short-cut” to the Toll Road or 1325.  They will most likely exit their communities via Grand Avenue Parkway to Quick Hill Road to 1325 or County Road 172 to connect with the Toll Road.
    • It will provide a pathway for the subdivisions and apartments to the north to reach ATHLOS Academy without the previously required travel along 1325.
    • The bulk of the school related traffic exiting Travesia and Preston Village bound for Joe Lee Johnson Elementary and RRISD buses will travel down Grand Avenue Parkway to Crissom and leave the neighborhood by way of Crissom to Sauls, Sauls to Bratton and (most likely) exit via Shoreline or, if eastbound, the east segment of Grand Avenue Parkway to IH35.
    • WB destination traffic from Preston Village will have to cross Grand Avenue and enter WB via Canberra or travel east on Grand Avenue and enter WB via Crissom.
  • Travis County Planning Division is aware that additional traffic control measures will most likely be necessary and are in communication with David Greear with TNR.  As always, construction must be completed before they can add traffic calming measures (additional lights and stop signs), but that does not mean they’re not looking ahead and planning for the changes.  They’re on top of it.  *There will be no traffic bumps because Travis County does not have the authority to install them.  They have been asked repeatedly for decades and we receive the same answer each time.
Travesia Subdivision ORIGINAL Plan
Travesia Subdivision ORIGINAL Plan

Download a PDF of the Travesia Subdivision ORIGINAL Plan HERE.

Travesia Subdivision CURRENT Plan
Travesia Subdivision CURRENT Plan

Download a PDF of the Travesia Subdivision CURRENT Plan HERE.

To view all associated documents, we suggest you go to the City of Austin Residential Plan Review Site at .  To access all files relating to this project, enter the following Case Number:  C8J-2015-0191

The Travis County Case Manager overseeing this project is Michael Hettenhausen.  He may be reached at (512) 854-7563 or should you have any questions.