Newsletter Delivery KUDOS!

You guys are incredible!  Thank you for taking time out of your weekend to volunteer and for the extra time spent inserting membership envelopes in the newsletters!  Your efforts in helping build and maintain our community spirit are very much appreciated!

June Apprill ∙ Dan Barnekow ∙ Anne, Winston, Brady & Colton Bennett ∙ Emily Berver ∙ Gail Bloch ∙ Tineke Blythe ∙ Kathy Brown ∙ Karen Buerkle ∙ Garland Bullock ∙ Creola Burns ∙ Chris & Alex Connell ∙ Raja, Theresa, Ryan & Alex Faris ∙ Delian Filip ∙ Michelle Gadush ∙ Miriam, Melissa & Briana Garate ∙ Amy Gardner ∙ Carla & Alexander Gordon ∙ Cynthia Hannon ∙ Max & Grant Hatfield ∙ Travers Hough ∙ Bruce Jones* ∙ Jennifer Jones ∙ Gus Kohn* ∙ Kim Lanicek ∙ Sherrie Lindig ∙ Brian Litke ∙ Angel Lugo ∙ Siv, Jyoti & Arjuna Manda ∙ Dee Marks* ∙ Joan & Dave Mead ∙ Gary Mueller ∙ Kelly Page ∙ Arlie Pfeifer ∙ Farah Rhoads ∙ Jessica Ridge ∙ Mark Schneider ∙ Doug Schwartz ∙ Alice Sears ∙ Sonya Shaffer ∙ Jeremy Selvidge ∙ Ralph Simon* ∙ Gayle & Mona Speranza ∙ Sharon Sproat ∙ DeLane Spriggs ∙ Jeff & Jeannette Stevens ∙ Margaret Sufke ∙ Debby Thompson* ∙ Jill & J.R. Traffanstedt ∙ Mike Weis ∙ Daniel White* ∙ Wally Wingfield ∙ Pamela & Bre Woodward

 *Delivered more than one section.   Special THANKS to volunteers Amaya Rodriguez and Janet Maxey for the time spent putting address labels on 3500 envelopes! 

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who take the time to send in articles about our schools and community groups.  Your contributions strengthen our neighborhood!  Keep ’em coming!

If you would like to deliver the newsletter, please contact our distribution team at or 512-656-0654.  We’ll bring the newsletters over to you along with a map of the delivery area. If you’ve never done this before, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour.  We always try to match up everyone with the area they live in.  Sometimes there’s a lot of response for one area and none for other areas. If so, we try to “get you close”.  Or, if you’d like to see other parts of Wells Branch, let us know and we’ll gladly find a section for you.

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