WBNA 2020 Calendar Contest

We all agree, Wells Branch is a beautiful place. The theme for the 2020 calendar is “Nature of Wells Branch”. We’d like to capture as many images as we can which feature birds, animals, flowers, gardens, landscapes, and trails and more. While people always add interest to photos the main subject should be a natural subject–the nature found in Wells Branch.

WBNA 2020 Calendar Contest rules and entry forms are now ready.  The Wells Branch MUD has graciously agreed to let us use the Rec. Center at 3000 Shoreline Drive for entry drop-off and display as the photos come in.  This year’s theme is “Nature of Wells Branch”.  Both current and past pictures are welcome.  Each photographer will be allowed to submit up to six (6) photos.  The WBNA will be accepting additional entries through August 31, 2019.  Voting will continue through the evening of August 31 during the MUD sponsored Labor Day Casino Night.  Winners will be announced on September 8, 2019.  The calendar will be available for purchase at National Night Out on October 1.

For Complete Contest Rules, click HERE.

For the Entry Form, click HERE.

Save the Date!  August 11th – 4pm

Dungeons & Dragons Launch at Inclusive Game Group at the WB Community Library, 15001 Wells Port Drive.

The game Dungeons & Dragons, aka D&D, is heavily featured in the hit TV show Stranger Things, but how does one go about learning this hobby if they don’t already have a friend that has mastered it?  This is a question that Girl Scout Sarah Berver has wondered about.

She loves playing D&D with her older brother and his friends, along with all of the pop culture references it generates, but has found that this 45-year-old game is still thought of as a “boys’ hobby.” The game is frequently presented to new players in a way that comes across as overly complicated, even in beginner starter sets. This can cause novice players to give up on learning how to play the game.

For her Girl Scout Silver Award project, which is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn, Sarah has partnered with the Wells Branch Community Library to develop D&D Starter Kits that will be available for check out. The kits will contain the official 5th Edition D&D Starter Set along with a number of accessories and cheat sheets she’s putting together and her own “Girl’s Guide to D&D” pamphlet to help players be able to jump in and learn the game while playing.

Sarah would like to thank PE Structural Consultants, Rouges Gallery, and her Girl Scout Cookie sale customers for making this project financially possible.

Find out more at the Dungeons & Dragons Launch at Inclusive Game Group at 4 pm on August 11th at the Wells Branch Community Library.

Malone Coffee at Café Chow Town is now back open!

They still have all the same great in-house roasted coffee and espresso drinks that you love.  The food menu is now the same menu as they have at their coffee food trucks.  Malone’s also has local baked bagels from Rockstar Bagels, muffins, smoothies and their croissant sandwiches and will also start offering pancakes in the next couple of days.  Hours are 7am to 2pm, seven days a week.

Malone Coffee at Café Chow Town is located in the Wells Branch Bratton Square Plaza on Merrilltown, next to Polvos and Four Seasons across the street from Wells Branch Elementary School.  The sign currently just says Chow Town but they’re working on putting a new sign up.  Please come out and support your local coffee shop and roastery (and all of our amazing WB businesses).  Hope to see you soon!


Saturday, July 13 • 8am-2pm
13905 Thermal Drive

We created Quarterly Extreme Clean several years ago to make it easy for Wells Branch residents to Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle – sort of a “one-stop shop” if you will.  We suggest you sort through the items you intend to bring and group them in bags or boxes to help expedite the process (it’s going to be REALLY HOT this Saturday and we want everything to flow smoothly).  If it’s reusable, please donate it to one of the groups listed below or recycle it, with bulk waste being a last resort.  I’ve included links to some of the things needed and listed specifics on some of the recycling items.  Please take a moment to review.

Austin Creative Reuse

Easter Seals 
Clothing, Clothing Accessories, Personal Accessories, Media, Housewares, Toys

Homeless Helpings to be distributed by Austin Humanists at Work

Pet Shelter & Wildlife Rescue to be distributed by Lois Kantor
Clean towels, pet bedding & supplies, carriers & crates, pet toys, food, and blue jeans (for use at Wildlife Rescue)

Styrofoam – We’re talking the plain white stuff we all grew up with – no urethane foam or any of the new and “improved” stuff.  Those items need to go in with bulk trash, please.

Metal RECYCLING – LOVE this!  We want your old BBQ grills, dead patio furniture, dishwashers, and water heaters, etc.  PLEASE take your large items to the BACK of the receptacle so that we may pack as much in as possible.  The smaller items like nuts and bolts can be recycled here as well!

Limited Electronics RecyclingPlease note, we’re working on an more extensive plan to recycle electronics.  If you can wait until Extreme Clean Fall in October to bring your electronics, it would be appreciated.  If you’ve got them all packed up already, no worries, we’ll still take them.

Household Waste Collection INCLUDES: 
Batteries • Paint* • Antifreeze* ONLY
*MUST be in closed container.

CARDBOARD – YES!  Please break down the cardboard and separate it from the Styrofoam packing before you leave if at all possible as the heat is expected to be bad on Saturday.

Bulk Trash – Basically, whatever you have left except TVs, tires, and hazardous waste.  This is where you bring those mattresses, box springs and sofas that can’t be repurposed!  These bins always fill fast.  We’ll have volunteers there to help.  Please carry items to the back of the dumpsters so that we can PACK as much in as possible.  Thank you!

Mulch is NOT offered during Extreme Clean events, but will be back in August at Bulk Trash.

Remember, if you need help, Venture Crew 1409 is available, but you must schedule in advance by contacting Daniel White at 512-413-0097.  As they offer this service as a fundraiser for the Crew, they ask for a $20 minimum donation.  Please tip accordingly.

This is a collaborative effort from your Wells Branch Neighborhood Association (WBNA) and Wells Branch MUD.  Volunteers are always welcome!

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please call or text 512-656-0654.  Thank you!