WBNA Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

Notice of Proposed Change to WBNA Bylaws

The Bylaws of the WBNA were last revised in 1999 and have needed to be updated for some time. We first announced these proposed changes last June, but felt it better to wait until the new year to schedule a meeting to discuss and vote on them. Below is a brief list of suggested revisions for member consideration. The original Bylaws as well as the proposed Bylaws are online at WBNA.us under the “About Us” tab. Please review and post any comments you may have to the website or email info@wbna.us. A general meeting of the Wells Branch Neighborhood Association will be held on February 25 to consider the recommended amendments.

Boundaries:  Current boundaries are listed by plat and do not include any of the homes built after 1985.  Proposed boundaries will be expanded to include all of Wells Branch.

Increase in Directors:  An increase in number of Directors from six (6) to seven (7) is also requested as an additional board member will allow us to better serve the community.

Staggered Two-Year Terms:  Officers are currently elected by position to one (1) year terms. We propose replacing this system in the following manner:

  • Place Numbers 1 through 7
  • Two (2) year staggered terms beginning with the 2016 election
  • Each WBNA Director shall draw for a place number upon ratification of this document
  • Even places shall be elected in even years; odd places in odd years beginning in January 2016/2017
  • Self Alignment with division of duties for the following positions following each election:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director (x3). The Board may realign at any time and the title of Director may be replaced with appropriate positions as needed (e.g., Communications, Events Coordinator, Community Liaison).

Filling Vacancies:  Currently, a vacancy remains vacant until the next general meeting of the members. Due to the infrequency of “general meetings” as opposed to “events”, it is proposed that the board appoint a successor to serve until the next general meeting where they may be ratified or replaced by the members.

Job Descriptions:  Existing descriptions of board positions are outdated and some duties have been duplicated. It is proposed that base descriptions for the following titles (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary) be updated and that three (3) positions of Director replace Community Liaison, Editor and the newly created position. Such descriptions may be found on our website.

Misc. Corrections:  Correction to various assorted typos throughout the 1999 document. Such corrections will not alter meaning.

WBNA Articles of Incorporation

WBNA Bylaws – 1999 Version

Our PROPOSED WBNA Bylaws – February 2016 Final will be voted on on February 25, 2016 at 7pm in the WB Community Center, 2106 Klattenhoff Drive.  We hope you’ll join us!