2011 Easter Egg Hunt

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Annual WBNA Easter Egg Hunt: both volunteers and participants.  We had a great turnout!

Special thanks to the Bennett family who makes the Easter Egg Hunt happen each year for the WBNA.  Lara (WBNA VP) orders all the prizes, stuffs ALL the eggs and organizes the EEH.  Her husband Clay, the guy with the bullhorn, runs it.  Henry, their sixteen year old is the Easter Bunny (BTW, he’s amazing with the children) and Owen, their youngest, is EB’s bodyguard.  We wouldn’t have this event if it weren’t for the Bennetts.

Lara starts planning weeks in advance.  On Saturday morning, she rounds up her friends Lynette & Darius Sanders, who in turn this year, brought their friends, Mary & Erin to help.  They get up early, come out to the park, set EVERYTHING up for the event and man the “ropes”.

The WBNA would like to thank the Bennett family and their friends for their continued efforts each year to make this event special for the residents of Wells Branch.

Each  year, the WBNA funds this event through your memberships and donations.  This year we had help from Express Urgent Care at Hester’s Crossing in RR,  sponsor of the Easter Egg Hunt and Chon Som restaurant on Wells Branch Parkway.  Marisa, owner of the restaurant and WB resident, donated over a hundred eggs and prizes.

Also, thanks go to the other WBNA board members, Debby Thompson, Mike Howe, Pam Wachholz, Linda Baird, and Faye Cormier as well as WB MUD board directors, Chuck Walters and Donna Howe who volunteered their time to come out and help and those who helped with crowd control:  Gus Kohn, Jacob Dawson, Hannah Wachholz, Anna Kate Haulotte, Alex Ngo and Robbie Hearn.

Click here to check out the photos by Madonna Johnson, long time WB resident and WBNA photo site administrator, on our new Facebook page.  “Like” us on Facebook and add your own event photos!

Sponsored by Express Urgent Care in Hester’s Crossing, Round Rock

Donations from Chon Som Restaurant, Wells Branch Parkway

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