Wells Branch Garden Guild

by Susan Gillespie

The Garden Guild has not held meetings during the pandemic.  In the past, our meetings were held on the 3rd Saturday morning of the month at the WB MUD Rec. Center, 3000 Shoreline Drive.  We had a seed and plant exchange at the beginning of each meeting and learned about various aspects of gardening in Wells Branch.  Topics included vegetable gardening, composting, xeriscape, pollinators, native plants and hardscape.  The Garden Guild also had a yearly garden tour in May featuring Wells Branch gardens.

We have our first post-pandemic meeting scheduled Saturday, March 19 at 10:30am at the Chuck Walters Pavilion in KF Park.  Mark your calendars and bring a friend.  We’ll have a seed and plant exchange before the meeting.

Suggested topics for discussion are dealing with freeze damage, starting a vegetable garden, planning for future meetings and possibly a garden tour in May.  Please feel free to suggest topics and ideas on our Facebook page or the Wells Branch Google Group.  Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Wells Branch Garden Guild

  1. do you need to be a member of WBNA to attend a Garden Guild meeting? Also, what time does the meeting on Feb 5th begin?

    Thank you, Karen

  2. We’re about to move to Wells Branch, and thinking of offering on a house with a tiny back yard that would prohibit much gardening. Do you know what the ordinances are about front yard vegetable gardens? Thank you!

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