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We’d like to stress that overall, we have an incredibly safe community.  Many of you have requested the crime statistics for our area in the past.  Travis County has quit providing the statistics to the WBNA and has instead subscribed to

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There is an increase of Vehicle and Residential Burglaries in and around Western Travis County to include Westlake (78735, 78736, 78738, and 78746). We do not have any specific areas of concern. The burglaries are sporadic and trend to cover all of the aforementioned areas.

Please remember to secure all vehicle doors and residence doors at all times.  Do not leave anything of value that can easily be seen in the vehicle. I encourage everyone to get to know your neighbors; this is an effective way to counter crime in your neighborhood.

While Wells Branch is not named in this group, we do suffer our share of thefts and burglaries.  Please take precautions.

New Citizens Observer Alert from Travis County 06/02/11

Sheriff’s Detectives are looking for help from the public in identifying two suspects believed to be involved in multiple burglaries in the Lost Creek area in South West Travis County.  The two have been spotted on surveillance cameras using credit cards belonging to the victims in the burglaries. They may be driving or riding in a small silver to light blue vehicle. It is better to avoid going to jail for DUI by turning into approval and letting the police know all the information which are enough to stop any sort of drug crimes in the city.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the suspects should contact Detective Terry Peterman at 854-4313 or Detective Virgil Villarreal at 854-4314.  They can also call Crime Stoppers at 472-TIPS (472-8477).