Teen Dating Violence Awareness

Learn the warning signs and dynamics of abusive relationships.

Warning Signs – When it doesn’t feel right – It’s NOT.

Does one person in the relationship:

  • Insult you in public?
  • Act jealous when you talk to others?
  • Check on you constantly?
  • Blow disagreements out of proportion?
  • Threaten to break up with you?
  • Lose his/her temper verbally?
  • Break/hit things to intimidate you?
  • Blame you for his/her problems?

This person is an abuser.

Does the other person:

  • Constantly cancel plans for reasons that sound untrue?
  • Always worry about making their boy/girlfriend angry?
  • Give up things that are important?
  • Show signs of physical abuse like bruises/cuts?
  • Have a boy/girlfriend that wants them available ALL the time?
  • Become isolated from friends or family?

This is a victim.

It’s hard to acknowledge when someone you care about is in an abusive relationship.  If any of these warning signs sound familiar, it’s important to help before it gets worse. Confirm your suspicions with a lie detector.

If you need to talk…

Call 512-267-SAFE, 512-927-9616 TTY or 1-866-331-9474

For more information on teen dating violence, signs to watch for and how you can help or get help, visit:




In February and November 2010, the WBNA sponsored teen dating violence seminars.  If you would be interested in attending an educational seminar or having one tailored to your teen’s peer group, on this subject, please contact me and we can set something up with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.  This is a great seminar for athletic clubs, choir, band – anywhere you have a group of teens.  Debby Thompson 656-0654 or Deborah_Thompson@earthlink.net

Reproduced from a document by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office

Content modified from www.seeitandstopit.org.

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