Calling all community volunteers!

Over the years the WBNA has reached out into the community for help with the various community events and the newsletter delivery. Some folks have helped out for years and others would like to get started.

Following the COVID shutdown, many things transitioned at the WBNA and we may have lost touch with some our volunteers.

Recently, we have worked hard to develop an online system to help folks register as a WBNA volunteer. As we expand the base of volunteers, when an event gets close or the next newsletter comes out, we will reach out to the volunteer team for support. We are hoping to streamline the process and give more community members a chance to get involved.

Click  HERE (https://bit.ly/wbna_volunteer) to sign up!

Remember, it’s all about the team effort and it’s the volunteers that make it happen. Please consider joining our volunteer team, even if you can only give a couple of hours for a single event or help out behind the scenes—your contribution helps the entire community succeed. Watch for announcements coming soon and please think about volunteering at the 2022 4th Fest!