Birding in Wells Branch

Bird copyBirds love Wells Branch’s bountiful and delicious landscape and this site is intended to be a form of sharing information on the birds that live in Wells Branch year round and migrate through.  Birdwatching is something one can do from a kitchen window, from within your own back yard, while walking or exploring the trails or just sitting at the pond and letting the birds come to you.  Birds are beautiful and dazzling to the eye and can make for great outdoor recreation.   Their complex behavior is intriguing and their songs are varied, evocative and very pleasing to the ear.  Birds show up in many places in Wells Branch both night and day and can brighten up the day.

This site is designed to share photos, information and check lists of birds sited on WB bird walks, along with conservation facts, links to other birding websites and educational information on “living with and caring for the environment” for birds.  We hope that the information you find here is helpful and that it better equips you to enjoy the birds and their habits and habitats of Wells Branch.

Upcoming Events:

Travis County Audubon Society presents:
Get Started Bird Watching in Central Texas with Cindy Sperry
Wednesday, March 15 • 6:30-8:00pm

WB Community Library • 15001 Wells Port Drive

Travis County Audubon Society presents:
Put Out the Welcome Mat for Backyard Birds with Jane Tillman
Wednesday, March 22 • 6:30-8:00pm

WB Community Library • 15001 Wells Port Drive

Follow these links for information on:

Top 20 Birds of Wells Branch

Keeping our Mills Pond Ducks Healthy

Relocated Duck  & Goose Updates

Please share any photos and information with us of your own discovery of birds living or coming through Wells Branch in order to keep this site as up to date as possible.

*If you would like to find out more about the WB Purple Martin Care Team, contact Karen Hagemann:
 *If you would like to be added to the Wells Branch Birding Email Group, contact Wanda Holcombe:
*For other Hosted Bird Walks, Classes & Birding Events in the Austin area, visit the Travis Audubon Society and join in the fun:
See you at the Bird Walks or on the trails –
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Sharon Richardson: 
Heather Johnson:
Paul Wadehra: 
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