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WBNA Slate of Candidates • WBNA Election Thursday, 7pm • WB Community Center

In October, the WBNA Board asked for three volunteers to form the WBNA Nominating Committee.  This Committee serves from October 2012 to February 2013.  Their job is to nominate candidates for the 2013 election of Board Members.  The Nominating Committee is composed of:  Salvador Aguirre (Chair), Madonna Johnson and Tom Cheshire.

The WBNA has five current board members who will be seeking re-election. No other residents expressed interest in these positions:

  • President – Debby Thompson
  • Treasurer – Lara Bennett
  • Secretary – Linda Baird
  • Community Liaison – Tom Cheshire
  • Pam Wachholz – Editor (non-voting position)

In addition, there were two vacant positions where residents expressed an interest in filling those positions:

  • WBNA Vice President – Chuck Walters and Scott Smith
  • WBNA Member at Large – Donna Malone

This past week the WBNA Nominating Committee interviewed all three residents for the two vacant positions and selected the individuals that we believe will work to promote the purpose of the WBNA as expressed in the Bylaws.   Per the Bylaws of the WBNA, Article I, Section 1.02, the purpose of the WBNA is:

Purpose of the Association is to encourage orderly community development and growth, combat community deterioration, monitor compliance with the restrictive covenants, improve the quality of life in that area designated as Wells Branch, hereinafter referred to as the “Subdivision”, as shown by the map or plat of said subdivision, recorded in Volume 81, Pages 199, 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205; Volume 82, Pages 146d-147a; Volume 83, Pages 81d-82a, 82d-83a, and 178b-178c; Volume 84, Pages 45a-45bb, 52b-52d, and 07d-98a, Plat Records of Travis County, Texas.

Our final nominations are as follows:

  • Debby Thompson – President
  • Chuck Walters – Vice President
  • Lara Bennett – Treasurer
  • Linda Baird – Secretary
  • Tom Cheshire – Community Liaison
  • Pam Wachholz – Editor (non-voting position)
  • Donna Malone – Member At Large

As always, nominations will be taken from the floor. We hope you’ll join us on Thursday, February 7 at 7pm in the Community Center on Klattenhoff.

Following the election of officers, our guest speaker, Travis County Commissioner Pct. 2, Sarah Eckhardt, would like to discuss how the Travis County government and Wells Branch residents can continue working together to move Travis County forward. She will be available for questions afterwards.

For everyone who has had questions on all things County related from law enforcement to speed bumps to gun laws, now is your chance to ask someone who can answer your questions.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!  Refreshments provided.

Salvador Aguirre

Chair, WBNA Nominating Committee

Sign up for Wells Branch Google Group – Connect with your neighbors!

Join the Wells Branch email discussion group for a community conversation on any and everything! Find out what’s going on with Wells Branch as it’s happening – everything from ducks, composting and crime watch to history and gardening.  All residents, homeowners and renters alike are welcome.  New topics are always popping up.  Don’t miss out!  Join the group by going to Google Groups on your Web Browser, search for Wells Branch Neighbors, and fill out the request sheet (or use the link below). The Group Administrator can then add you.

Once you’re subscribed to the group, you should add “” to your contact list.  Whenever you wish to communicate with your neighbors, simply send an email to this address and your email will be broadcast to all members.  When responding to an email: “reply” goes to the sender of the email and “reply to all” goes out to everyone.

The site is:!forum/wells-branch-neighbors, but remember, you need to belong in order to read it, so send your request today!

SCHOOL BUDGET CUTS PLANNED: 5 things concerned parents can do

Any parent with a child in public school is aware of the bad news flowing through the hallways about the state budget deficit and budget reductions that will impact every school district in Texas. Both Pflugerville and Round Rock ISD (where Wells Branch students attend) will be affected.  Under current school finance law, Texas owes its public schools $10 billion more than the amount proposed in the current budget. However this money may not make it to the schools if the Legislature keeps it to help balance an expected $27 billion shortfall. Schools in Texas are financed primarily from property taxes and state funding.  Districts won’t know for sure how big their shortfalls will be until the state budget passes.

So what is on the chopping block? Athletic, art, music and academic programs. Librarians may be replaced by library aides. Registered nurses (RN’s) may be replaced by LVN’s (Licensed Vocational Nurses). School counselor and gifted/talented programs may be cut. Student to teacher ratios will likely increase. Many staff positions may be eliminated.

The proposed legislative cuts to public education funding are unacceptable. We deserve a better public education system for our children and their future.  So what can a concerned parent do? Continue reading SCHOOL BUDGET CUTS PLANNED: 5 things concerned parents can do