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Travis County Sheriff’s Office Wells Branch Crime Initiative Town Hall Meeting

November 28 • 7pm
WB Community Center • 2106 Klattenhoff Drive

Join Captain Craig Smith for a Town Hall Meeting on November 28 for a discussion on Travis County’s ongoing crime initiative in Wells Branch.  Sheriff Hernandez and Travis County Commissioners Brigid Shea and Jeff Travillion will be in attendance as well.  Following Captain Smith’s presentation, the Captain, Sheriff, and Commissioners will be available to speak with residents.

Link to press conference courtesy of KXAN News: and their follow-up article:  Dozens arrested in crime initiative focused on Wells Branch area.

Holiday Safety Tips

by Debby Thompson, WBNA President & WB Neighborhood Watch Coordinator 

With the bustle of the holidays just around the corner, make sure you’re taking every precaution possible to keep your home and family safe and secure.  We usually see an increase in opportunistic crime this time of year; please remain vigilant.

  • Keep your blinds and drapes closed when away, even if only for a short period of time.
  • Keep your house well lit at night (backyard included).  A motion sensor activated light is an inexpensive deterrent.
  •  If your Christmas tree is displayed in front of a window, don’t pile the presents around it.  Store the gifts in another area away from view when the blinds or drapes are open. Do NOT put the empty boxes for the new computer, TV, stereo system, etc. on the curb for the trash.  Take the time to break down every box and put it inside your trashcan/recycling bin so that it is concealed, even if you have to hold it over to the next week.  People start cruising our neighborhood on Sunday afternoons to see what has been put out.  The less they know about what you have inside, the better.
  • Door-to-door solicitations increase tremendously this time of year.  Always look out the window or peephole before opening the door or answering a knock.  Never open the door all the way, especially if you have a Christmas tree and/or presents in plain view. Always lock your car.   Never leave your car running unattended or leave your keys in the car or ignition.  If you usually keep a garage door remote control in your car and don’t park it in the garage each and every time you return home, hide the remote or take it inside.  Thieves check visors and this gives them instant protected access to your home. Keep your garage door closed at all times and keep the inside door from your home to the garage LOCKED.
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked.  Take them in the house or put them in the trunk out of sight BEFORE arriving at your destination. While shopping this holiday season, remain aware of your surroundings at all times.  If unsure of your safety, ask a store attendant to have security walk you to your car.  You can’t be too safe.  This goes for trips to the grocery store as well.  When unloading your car at home after a day of shopping, lock it between trips to and from the car.

If you plan to be away:

  • Let a neighbor and/or block captain know you’ll be out of town and when you’ll return. They should have the following: your emergency contact information; contact information for anyone with access to your house (pet sitter, etc.); when they should be expected; what they look like and a description of their vehicle(s).
  • Let only those who NEED to know, know when you are going out of town.
  • Don’t share vacation plans on social media.
  • Arrange to have your lawn cared for if you are going to be away.
  • Don’t hide keys under doormats or flowerpots or in similar places.
  • Put your lights, stereo or TV on timers. (continued on back)
  • Keep your house well lit at night (backyard included).
  • Leave a car in the driveway or ask a neighbor to park in it.
  • Don’t cancel your paper or mail deliveries; ask that your neighbor pick them up every day.
  • Leave a key with a friend or neighbor; ask that the house be checked at regular intervals.
  • Store all your valuables.
  • Consider asking friends or relatives to live in your home while you are away.
  • Ask your neighbor to put trash in your trashcan and to put it out for collection and away when they put theirs away.
  • File a Close Patrol Request. The filing of this form alerts patrolling officers so that they may pay close attention to one’s residence.  To do so: Contact the Travis County Sheriff’s Office at 854-9721.  Ask to make a Close Patrol Request.  You will be asked for information on those caring for your home while you’re away – make and model of their vehicles, name, description and times they should be at your home.

A comprehensive list of Safety Tips as well as numerous articles by the Travis County Sheriff Deputies are posted here on our website under the Safety tab.  There’s also a wealth of information available at

If you are not already, become a Wells Branch Neighborhood Association member.  “Like” us on Facebook for community updates.  The more community involvement and connectedness there is, the safer we all will be.

Join the community listserv aka ‘The Google Group’ by sending your name, physical address and email to

Most of all, be aware of your surroundings and look out for your neighbors.  If you see or hear something suspicious, call 911.  The Sheriff’s Department would much rather answer a false alarm than deal with a tragedy later. We live in a GREAT community AND a SECURE neighborhood.  Let’s all do our part to keep it that way.

Here’s to a safe and happy holiday season, Wells Branch!

*For information about starting your own Neighborhood Watch Group, please call Debby Thompson at 512-656-0654. 

Car Theft Prevention Tips from TCSO

Here is some great information for all of the community members in Wells Branch, especially with the current Crime Reduction Initiative that the Travis County Sheriff’s Office is performing.  Remember to #WatchYourCar.  Together, we can help stop Auto-Related crimes before they happen.
Download the printable PDF here:  25 Auto Theft Prevention Tips.

WB Meeting with State Rep. Celia Israel & TxDOT Mobility35 Team

November 16 • 7pm
WB Community Center • 2106 Klattenhoff Drive

State Representative Celia Israel will be coming by Wells Branch to meet with residents, and give a summary of the 85th Regular and Special Called Session.

Members of TxDOT’s Mobility35 Team will also be there to let people know about upcoming road projects in the area.  It looks like they’re finally ready to talk about IH35 and WB Pkwy.

Please make time to attend.

TCSO Public Safety Event!

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office will host a Public Safety Event on Sunday November 5th from 10am – 4pm. The event will be held at the Cinemark 20 (Tinseltown) parking lot in the 15400-blk of N IH 35. Representatives from various Law Enforcement and Public Safety groups will be on site to offer valuable safety information and services including:

  • TCSO Community Outreach – Providing Child ID Kits
  • Sheriff’s Combined Auto Theft Task Force – Providing Free VIN Etching (proof of insurance required)
  • TCSO Crisis Intervention Team – Providing information about emergency mental health care resources
  • TCSO Victim’s Services – Providing information and resources for victims of crime
  • TCSO Mascot – On site for fun photo opportunities

FOL Financial Planning Re-cap Session

Sunday, November 5 • 4:00-5:30pm
WB Community Center • 2106 Klattenhoff Drive

Earlier this year the WB FOL group worked with other community members and local business professionals to present a financial educational series.  Overall the program was well received and those who attended gained valuable insight and information.  These sessions were successful because of the educational format–there were no “hard sell” sales program.

Because they were working with business professionals’ schedules, weekends simply weren’t an option.  In addition, for a variety of reasons, they could not record any of the sessions.  After collecting some additional feedback, the FOL has decided to present a single “re-cap” session.

The intent of the session is to capture and present the key learning points and information from each session.  They will also provide a “laundry list” of resources to help folks build their financial knowledge base.  The information provided will serve as an outline of financial knowledge.

Regardless or your age or distance from retirement, please consider attending.