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2024 WBNA Annual Board
Update & Elections

Thursday, February 29, 2024 | 6:30pm
WB Community Center | 2106 Klattenhoff Drive

The WBNA Board has seven members, each serving a two year term with assigned place numbers. Even numbered places are elected during even years; odd numbered places in odd years. This year places 2, 4, and 6 are up for re-election. As governed by the WBNA Bylaws, roles vacated prior to the election are filled by appointees.

Transition defined 2023 for the WBNA board. Three board members, Darci Marter,  Mikella Maughan, and Terra Moses chose to step down mid-term. Each member was reluctant to leave, citing family related reasons, either moving out of area or additional family commitments. In the interim, we were so glad to welcome back Donna Lyons and Lara Bennett as appointees.

In early 2024, Heather Briggs and Donna Lyons stepped back due to family and time commitments. We are currently seeking two new board members and any resident of Wells Branch may join the board. Currently Places 1 and 6 are open and appointees will be ratified during the general meeting.

All Wells Branch residents (both in-district and out-of-district) are invited and encouraged to attend the 2024 general meeting. Your WBNA membership must be current in order to vote in the election or run for office. The membership form is available in the current newsletter or you may join online at: It’s quick and easy! Please be sure and enter a valid email address. Continue reading 2024 WBNA Annual Board Update & Elections

Neighborhood Watch Training Program

Deputy Alexis White, TSCO Community Outreach Program
Thursday, February 29 | 7:00-8:00pm
WB Community Center | 2106 Klattenhoff Drive
(immediately following the WBNA general meeting)

Last November the WBNA hosted the Travis County Sheriff’s Office community forum for public safety. Prior to that session, the WBNA conducted a short neighborhood safety survey. One of the biggest takeaways was that folks wanted to re-establish an active, hands-on Neighborhood Watch group. 76% of the survey respondents indicated there was not an ACTIVE neighborhood watch group either on their street or within their immediate subdivision. Getting new block captains educated and re-assigning streets or manageable areas is the first step.

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Wells Branch Wild:
A Community Wildlife Habitat

by Jill Douglass

What do the United States Department of Agriculture, Texas A&M Forest Service, Texas Fish and Game, the Xerces Society, and the National Wildlife Federation all agree on?  Leaving the leaves!!  All of these organizations support wildlife, and they all promote using the fallen leaves in your yards as cover, food, and nurseries for animals.  With eight trees in my backyard, I do have trouble finding a spot for all those leaves.  The leaves on the gravel paths get blown or raked into the flower/landscape beds.  Some get piled into a small compost pile.  The ones on the grass get mowed and left in place (though shredded leaves will not provide the same cover as leaving them whole).  My lawn is small so the mown leaves are few.  In the end, a few bags of leaves do make it to the curb to contribute to our community composting.  Leaving the leaves provides two basic benefits.  First, the leaves provide food, cover, and a place for animals to raise their young. Butterflies, bumble bees, lightning bugs, moths, frogs, and turtles are just a few examples of animals that rely on leaf litter.  Without the leaves providing a habitat for insects, many birds will not have food.  Second, leaf mulch provides valuable organic matter to your garden.  No need to buy mulch if you are using your leaves.

To learn more about how to support wildlife, follow Wells Branch Wild on Facebook and Instagram (both can be found by searching Wells Branch Wild).  To date, we have 57 certified wildlife habitats in Wells Branch.  We are one-quarter of the way to our goal of 200. If you are interested in certifying or have questions on how to proceed, visit or message us on Facebook or come to our presentation on February 15.  We would love to help.

Wells Branch Wild’s mission is to lead, inspire, and engage our community in stewardship of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem


Upcoming TCSO Citizens Academy Register Now!

TCSO Community Outreach Unit is excited to host the 37th Citizens Academy this Spring. The academy provides citizens valuable insights on the criminal justice process and the how’s and why’s of TCSO operations and services. We believe the education and dialogue the academy offers will further our efforts in improving community relations and the quality of life for Travis County residents.

The Citizens Academy is a 13-week program from March 21 – June 13, 2024. Citizens will meet every Thursday from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the TCSO Central Command located at 5555 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX 78751.

Citizens receive classroom instruction by corrections officers, law enforcement deputies, civilians, and supervisors who work in each division within the department. The weekly sessions are not intended to train participants to be officers, but to help develop a citizenry with TCSO. For more information on the course and how to enroll, please visit:

The Importance of Picking Up Pet Waste

While most pet owners know it is responsible to clean up after their dogs in public spaces, it is important to know the significance of this simple act, especially when visiting a contained space like Willow Bend Dog Park. Pet waste left unattended can lead to a host of problems, affecting not only human health but also our beloved environment in Wells Branch. When picking up your dog’s waste, think about the reasons why you are doing it. Continue reading The Importance of Picking Up Pet Waste