ESD No. 2 • Fire Department

Because We Care is our motto. We are dedicated to pursuing excellence in serving the citizens of the District and working together for a safe and well community. It is important to us to continue as a financially stable organization that delivers a superior level of traditional and innovative emergency and non-emergency services.

We evolved with the growing community from neighbors
organizing a bucket brigade to a Volunteer Fire Department in 1955 to the current Emergency Services District, always with a commitment to provide the best approach to emergency response, fire safety, prevention and education in the most efficient and cost effective manner. The values established almost 60 years ago with the Volunteer Department remain timeless with professionalism, integrity, compassion, honor, bravery, and dedication to serve. These values are the foundation that guide us to the future.   –  Fire Chief Ron Moellenberg

Travis County ESD No. 2 has produced these educational pieces as part of their Growing Forward journey in support of their mission to serve our community.

Download these Publications here or visit their website at: and look under “Resources”.

Welcome to the Community

ESD Rental Facilities

Download the information below to learn more about the District’s plans for the future.

The Department Growing Forward

Response Goals

Training & Prevention

Roadmap to the Future – Projections & Goals

Stretching a Dollar & Key Initiatives


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