“Mama” Goose Returns

As many of you know the female goose has been absent for the last few weeks.  About three weeks ago, she became entangled in fishing line and caught a lure in one of her legs.  This developed into a terrible infection and she was near death when the MUD Staff caught her.  Thanks so much –  Keith Nett, Ryan Davino & Andy Rankine for taking her in to Wildlife Rescue where she was able to receive the care she needed.

In the first picture, Keith and another staff member carry her to the pond for release.  As soon as they put the crate down, she started honking.  The “boys” were out on the pond and they whirled around swimming as fast as they could, honking and flapping their wings all the way.  There’s one really sweet picture where the gander in the center leans over and nuzzles the female’s neck.  They were so glad to see her!  Click on the picture to enlarge.

Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organization.  The vets and volunteers cared for our goose for three weeks until she was fully recovered.  MUD Office Staff collected $45 to donate towards her care.  If you would like to send in a contribution, or thank them for taking such good care of her, their address is: Wildlife Rescue, P.O. Box 806, Austin, TX 78767-0806

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