Recycling participation continues to climb!

Way to go Wells Branch!  Our participation rate was 78.65% for the month of November and 78.3% for December!  We were down a little in volume, but more folks are participating.  Our recycling efforts for November & December brought in $714 & $682 respectively to buy trees for the park system.  Please, recycle wherever you can and encourage your neighbors to join you.  For more info regarding your area’s participation, please visit our website.

Recycling pickup only occurs every other week on regular trash pickup days.  Clip and save this calendar of recycling pickup days or download a calendar thru May 2012 from our website:  Just search “Recycling” for the calendar and list of materials accepted.

2 thoughts on “Recycling participation continues to climb!

  1. We live at 15624 Opal Fire. Do we have yard waste pickup available? it seems the streets just a block over toward Ecorio put out their tree limbs for pickup. We have been putting ours in the trash as space allows. We would prefer to have yard waste go to mulch. Thanks.

    1. Wells Branch MUD contracts with TexaScapes for yard waste recycling. Because you’re out-of-district (not receiving water service from the MUD), your HOA would have to contract with TexaScapes (or another yard waste removal company) for this service. You, or your HOA board may reach Richard at or (512)748-5971. Thank you and good luck!

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