MUD Board Facility Committee – Call for Citizen’s Input

Submitted by Bob Bauhs

The WB MUD Facilities Committee consisting of Chuck Walters, Chairman; Bob Bauhs, Director; Richard Fadal, Landscape Consultant; Robert Ferguson, Engineering Consultant; and Jesse Kennis, District Manager is inviting citizens to participate in a review of two initiatives.

One initiative is to review and evaluate proposed enhancements to the area around the pond. As a participant you would be able to help evaluate the soundness of the proposals, as well as make your own suggestions for improvements.

The other initiative is to review and evaluate proposed enhancements to the stream banks in the area between Wells Port and Wells Branch Parkway. Once again we are soliciting help in evaluating the soundness of the proposals and looking for other ideas.

Both of these initiatives are in addition to the planned Trees for Trails Plantings that are expected to occur this fall in three separate locations:  The North Meadow, KF Park, and Gaylord Avenue.  We need to determine the feasibility of including these additional initiatives in the coming fiscal budget.  Your commitment to this committee would consist of at least one meeting in August.  Decisions on what to propose to the full board must be completed by the board meeting on September 4th.

To apply, submit an e-mail to:

Or send a letter to: Facilities Committee, 3000 Shoreline Dr. Austin, TX. 78728

Specify:     Attn: Facilities Committee in the subject line.

Provide your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

State your particular areas of interest.

You will be notified of when the 1st committee meeting is scheduled.

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