Locate & know how to use your Water Shut-Off Valve

Submitted by Margret Wingrove, Crossroads Utility Services

Don’t wait for a water emergency!!  Locate your water cut-off valve now so it can be accessed quickly when needed.

A properly operating cut-off valve allows you to cut off water quickly should you have a leak in the house, need to work on your sprinkler system, or wish to turn off the water to your house as a precaution when traveling.

The water shut-off valve is located between the water meter near the street and your house.  It is generally located in the ground adjacent to the meter box and should be protected by a 6” circular cover.  The handle underneath the cover should be exercised to make sure it is operable.  To verify the water valve is operable, turn on a hose bib next to the house.  Turn the house valve off and the water from the hose bib should stop flowing.  Turn the valve on and water should resume flowing from the hose bib.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the cut off valve.

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