Record Breaking Numbers!!! Wells Branch ROCKS!

The first trailer full of hazardous waste was FULL at 8:55am!
The first trailer full of hazardous waste was FULL at 8:55am!

We had an incredible turnout yesterday for the combined Bulk Trash, Hazardous Waste, Habitat for Humanity, Easter Seals, Shredding, and Drug Take-Back event. 237 households turned out with MANY making four and five trips! It was great to see everyone!

We filled two 16 ft. trailers (with side walls) and the back of a flat bed truck with hazardous waste, three and a half slide-off dumpsters with bulk trash, and the equivalent of another slide-off was collected for metal recycling. Habitat for Humanity packed their truck to the brim by 2pm and we filled the Easter Seals truck by 3:30pm. Ed & Kay Peterson made a final run to Goodwill after we closed! 

Only ONE of the bags of pills collected!  75 lbs. total!
Only ONE of the bags of pills collected! 75 lbs. total!

The Medication Take-Back program was a HUGE success! MUD Board President Donna Howe and her team of U.T. pharmacist students collected 75 lbs. of meds (approx. 15,000 pills) for incineration. Next Drug Take-Back is October 12.

The guys from IESI/Progressive were wonderful! Very professional and courteous! We came pretty close to filling their truck with shredding. They even took the 37 lbs of pill bottles collected for destruction! I have coupons for their on-site shredding facility if you missed out on this event. Email me at and I’ll be happy to drop one off!

EXTRA Special Thanks to the WB MUD Board for allowing us to hold this event quarterly and for all of their support!! Thanks go out to Ed & Kay for coordinating with Habitat for Humanity and helping EVERYONE load their bulk trash, Habitat & Easter Seals donations and for sorting through it all. Many thanks to MUD Staff, Braxton & Fred, and Gus Kohn for loading the hazardous waste. Thank you MUD Board Directors Tom Cheshire for signing folks in and getting them to the appropriate location, and Janet Maxey and MUD District Manager Shirley Ross for lending their support as well. Most of all, thanks to all the residents who came out and used these services!

Great job, All!

As a reminder, the MUD opens their maintenance yard the second Saturday of each month for Bulk Trash Disposal.  Hazardous Waste collection, Easter Seals & Habitat for Humanity are held every quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct.) on the second Saturday in conjunction with the Bulk Trash Collection.  The next Drug Take-Back will be held in October.  Shredding services will be offered once a year in April.

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