E-cycling Available in WB!

Global Environmental Services (GES) is proud to partner with the Wells Branch Neighborhood Association to manage electronic waste during the Keep Wells Branch Beautiful Trash Off.  Electronics collection will be at the MUD maintenance yard on Thermal from 8am-5pm on Saturday, April 12.

Since 2008, GES has been a leader in electronic asset and parts recovery, electronics recycling, secure data destruction and managed technology services.   All equipment is responsibly processed in their 56,000 sf warehouse at the corner of Bratton Lane and Long Vista, ensuring zero waste recycling.

The process begins by having each item categorized according to the particular requirements needed to follow. The first goal is to reuse a whole unit as long as the customers allow it.  If the item can be resold, GES may prepare the piece of equipment to ensure any existing data is destroyed.  GES does offer programs for Return on Investment to share revenue on some items and their exact methodology provides accurate and precise reporting, as well as verification certifications.

If the equipment cannot be salvaged in whole, it may be de-manufactured, using a process of manual dismantling. Individual parts will be tested and may be resold BAN E-Stewards approved downstream diligence.

GES has the “Gold Standard” in electronic recycling because it has invested in being certified to the strictest of standards in this industry (BAN e-Stewards, R2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001); all verified by 3rd party auditors.  Holding these certifications ensures a fully transparent and compliant vertically integrated supply chain.

GES’s mission statement: ”Where State of the Art Quality, Commitment, and Concern for our Planet come together to reuse our resources and redirect existing products to help save our earth” says it all.

For additional information or to find out if a product is acceptable, please call Sandy Schutze at 512-545-0207.


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