You! Go Call 911!

by John Grasshoff, Fire and Life Safety Specialist, ESD No. 2

You GO Call photo yCoach and health teacher David Sisson demonstrates the technique for TAKE 10-Compression-Only CPR to his health class students last week.  Approximately 60 students learned the technique and showed proficiency.

All the health teachers in the Pflugerville School District were trained this summer in a collaborative effort of TAKE 10 staff and the Pflugerville Fire Department.  Equipment was provided by the fire department.

Deena Bosier, District Health Curriculum Coordinator for PFISD and John Grasshoff, Fire and Life Safety Specialist with the fire department planned the training for the teachers.
“Having sixty more citizens with the confidence and training to act in the case of a cardiac arrest improves the survival rate in the City of Pflugerville,” said Grasshoff.

Health teachers throughout the district have begun training their students.

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