Will Climate Change significantly affect your life? Can we together slow down the overheating of our planet by our daily life activities as a person and as a community? If we take action, how do we know we made a difference?

Join St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on Sunday, April 17 from 12:15-1:30 pm for “Earth Care – Can We Really Make A Difference?”, an informative, thought provoking, and meaningful discussion to address your Climate Change questions and empower your action, sponsored in part by our friends at Speak with neighbors about food, transportation, and water to show what is available right now.

Climate Change Graphic“Earth Care – Can We Really Make A Difference?” is a free event offered by St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on Sunday, April 17 from 12:15-1:30 pm. A light lunch will be served to attendees before the main presentation.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is located at 14311 Wells Port Drive, Austin, Texas 78728; the corner of Wells Port Drive and Wells Branch Parkway. For more information, contact Rachael at 512-251-0698 or

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