Art in Public Spaces – New Sculpture for Art at Bratton’s Edge

The Wells Branch community has been given the honor of selecting the Artwork to be located at the Art at Bratton’s Edge apartment complex at the corner of Bratton Lane and Long Vista.  We have two (2) pieces to choose from, both by local Austin artists.  Sculpture selection should be made based on the work’s artistic merit and potential for enhancing the site.  A picture/concept is included with title and description along with the artist’s statement and biography.  If you want to be a remarkable artist that can put the public in one day as well, you can start by acquiring tools like that graphic design drawing tablet.

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Please take a moment to review the information and let us know which you feel would be a good fit for our community.  Select only one.

brent-baggett-composite-copyArtist: Brent Baggett
Title: “Eyes on the Future”


  • Welded stainless steel square tube to create a “zig-zag” structure with stainless steel braided cable threaded throughout
  • Dimensions: 9′ x 3.5′ x 3.5 plus 4 ft. pedestal
  • Appears different from each angle for a new perspective

Artist Biography:
Brent was born in Kentucky in 1972.  He received his BFA from Murray State University, KY and his MFA from Bard College, NY.  He currently lives in Austin, TX with his wife and son.  Brent has been teaching art at Austin Community College since 2007 and also actively produces sculpture in his studio.  He has been working with public art for over sixteen years.  From 2000 to 2006 Brent worked as studio manager and fabricator for Artist Brower Hatcher at Mid-Ocean Studio in Providence, RI.  During that time, Mid-Ocean Studio successfully completed fifteen large-scale public sculptures.  Since 2006 Brent has been awarded many public art commissions of his own designs with several more currently in the design phase.

Artist Statement:
My artistic interests are widely varied.  Over the past two years I have been working with abstract spiraling forms and progressive rhythms that radiate around or from a central axis.  This approach has created visually dynamic forms that communicate growth, movement, transformation and energy.

I enjoy making sculpture for the public realm.  I like knowing that my objects are reaching a large audience and possibly giving viewers a moment of rest and contemplation.  I have had a great public response to my work, and I hope to be able to continue creating sculpture for the public’s enjoyment.

nicole-blair-composite-copyArtist: Nicole Blair
Title: “Brother + Sister”


  • Geometric based sculpture with a strong resemblance to a brother and sister pairing.
  • Dimensions: 9′ x 3 ‘ x 1.5’
  • Create diamond pattern and color combinations utilizing Elgin Butler glazed brick inspired by Alexander Girard painted wood toys.
  • Diagram on left depicts finished sculpture.  Example of glazed bricks to be used are on right.

Just got clarification regarding the “Brother + Sister” sculpture.  The photo to the left is a picture of the Alexander Girard TOY.  The actual sculpture would be much more abstract and covered with the tiles to the left.  See scale next to tiles.  Abstract.  Multi-color.   My apologies for the confusion.  It’s not going to look like the toy to the left.  That shape was just the inspiration. 

Artist Biography:
Nicole was born and raised in Austin, TX.  She earned her BS in Textiles and Apparel from Cornell University and her Masters in Architecture from Rice University.  She studied abroad in Florence (Syracuse University) and Paris (Rice University), and gained work experience in NYC in the award-winning offices of Peter Eisenman and Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

Nicole is please to live and work in Austin again to help shape the community that first shaped her.

Artist Statement:
Art and architecture are two of the most effective means for reconstructing the relationship between ourselves and our environment.  Drawing from personal experience, global to local influences, traditional and modern construction methods, as well as from the archives of companies and museums, I am interested in shaping and playing with form, color, pattern, materials and ideas which resonate as both familiar and uniquely original.  My work seeks to delight and warm its inhabitants and viewers.

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