Saturday, October 14

Wells Branch Maintenance Yard • 13905 Thermal

*Extreme Clean is a joint endeavor brought to you by the WBNA and Wells Branch MUD.

Habitat for Humanity 8am-1pm

Easter Seals 8am-4pm

ATXHAW 8am-4pm

Accepting donations for those experiencing homelessness.  For a list of needed items, please visit:


Austin Creative Reuse

To find out more about Austin Creative Reuse and what they accept in the form of donations, please visit their website at:


Pet Supplies for Austin Area Animal Rescues 8am-4pm

Bulk Trash Styrofoam Metal Drop Off 

Household Waste Collection

Batteries • Paint* • Antifreeze* ONLY

*MUST be in closed container.


ATTENTION:  We cannot accept ANY TYPE of OIL (cooking or motor), car or boat batteries.

Batteries can be taken to CMC Metal Recycling 1704 Howard Lane M-F 8am-5pm.

Questions?  Call 512-656-0654.


* We can ONLY ACCEPT the following items:

Computers  •  Laptops  •  Tablets  •  Computer Parts  •  Cell Phones  •  Wire (Extension Cords, Christmas Lights, Computer Cables)  •  Laptop Batteries  •  Lead Acid Batteries (Household Alkaline Batteries MUST be dropped at a different station)  •  Routers  •  DVRs  •  Cable Boxes  •  Flat Screen ONLY Monitors (Non Cracked)  •  Flat Screen ONLY TVs (Non Cracked)  •  GPS Systems

* We CANNOT ACCEPT the following items:

TVs  •  CRT Monitors  •  Printers  • Copiers  • Scanners  •  Radios  •  Stereos  •  Household Electronics (Microwaves, Coffeemakers, Toasters, Vacuums, etc.)

Questions?  Call 512-656-0654.  Text if you need us to save moving boxes; otherwise, they will be broken down and recycled.

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