Show off your HOLIDAY LIGHTS!

The Nextdoor App has a holiday function called the Cheer Map. It allows you to mark your location if your house is decorated and best of all, it lets neighbors access the map to see who’s in the holiday spirit.  Folks ask all the time if we have a map of the houses with holiday lights.  I thought this would be fun to share.  Sign your home up and encourage your neighbors to mark their houses!
Remember, Luminary Fest is next weekend and we have the Holiday Decorating Contest Sunday, December 16.  You have plenty of time to decorate!  Also, the hayride will be taking new route Friday night and our traditional one on Saturday so we’ll get to see the decorations in two different parts of Wells Branch.  I’m talking about y’all:  Alpha Collier, Cervin, Fronia Woodward, Crystal Shore, Sandy Side, and Oceanna!

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