Yard Chemicals
Recycle • Repurpose • Redistribute

This Saturday, October 12, 2019, we’ll be collecting fertilizer, pesticides, and fungicides at 2602 Tracy Trail from 8am-2pm in conjunction with EXTREME Clean Fall. Our volunteer, Pamela Woodward, will be collecting and listing items as they come in with the intent of finding homes for the unwanted supplies.  Leftovers will be transported to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility the following week.  Please do not bring these chemicals to the Thermal location.  They will only be taken at Tracy Trail.  Please make sure supplies are in their original containers and sealed or re-sealed.  Previously opened containers are acceptable, but they do need to be sealed for transport.  Relatively “clean” is appreciated as well.  Please dust off the cobwebs and dead bugs!

This year, in addition to yard chemicals, we will be accepting other items that are normally turned away at the Thermal location i.e. oil based paints, stains and sealers; expired fire extinguishers; cleaning products; propane tanks; smoke alarms, etc.  Items in usable condition will be posted for re-purposing.  All other items will be transported to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility the following week.

We reserve the right to decline acceptance of any item.  Please be considerate and respectful of Pamela.  She is volunteering her time to help our neighborhood and will be transporting the remaining goods at her expense the following week.  For questions, call 512-656-0654.

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