Wells Branch Crime Initiative

by Craig Smith, Major
Law Enforcement Bureau
Travis County Sheriff’s Office

During the months of June and July of this year, TCSO noticed an increase in burglary and theft in the Wells Branch area.  This was determined by using data collected monthly and prepared by an analyst.  This type of analysis helps us pinpoint where crime is increasing, as well as help us pro-actively work to prevent crime.  Captain Poole, who oversees our East Area Command, worked with his staff to come up with a crime initiative targeting burglary and theft in the Wells Branch area.  The initiative was four weeks in length, using various units such as, Auto Theft, Criminal Investigations, Traffic, and the Special Response Team.  Teams of deputies and detectives conducted surveillance, utilized bait vehicles and packages, and increased traffic enforcement.

The four week initiative was very successful, resulting in the following:

  • 3 recovered stolen vehicles, valued at $48,913.00
  • 1228 traffic citations issued
  • 27 persons arrested
  • 14 Felony Charges
  • 14 Misdemeanor Charges
  • 4 Felony Arrest Warrants
  • 17 Misdemeanor Arrest Warrants
  • 8 DWI Arrests
  • Stolen property recovered, valued at $8,700.00
Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, Flynn Lee and Nelson Linder address the residents of Wells Branch during the TCSO Townhall on September 7 at the WB Rec. Center.

I am very pleased with the work done by everyone involved.  I am confident this will impact the crime in Wells Branch and help make the community a safer place.  The holiday season has started and we will continue to monitor crime statistics so that we can immediately address areas of concern.

A video of the presentation by Captain Poole is available on the WBNA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WBNA.WellsBranchNeighborhoodAssociation/videos/2690101737688542/

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