Regarding ESD 17
& the November 2 Election

by Josh Stubblefield , President, IAFF Local 4137

Wells Branch Residents and ESD17 Constituents,

This November 2nd election there will be ESD17 Proposition A & B on your ballots, and
your vote FOR is needed. You may be asking yourself, “Didn’t we already vote on that in May and wasn’t it passed?” The answer is yes and we thank you for that! By creating and being a part of ESD17 you have now solidified high quality, fast, and cost efficient ambulance service in your community for years to come!

At the request of citizen petitioners we are now expanding ESD17 and working to include the city of Pflugerville and the Pflugerville ETJ residents into ESD17. This will help you, as ESD17 citizens, by including these areas and therefore sharing the cost of ambulance services and preventing any inequities of service. The citizens of both the city of Pflugerville and the surrounding extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) will be voting on these propositions as well.

However, in order for those elections to be successful it must be approved by a vote from you, the ESD17 citizens, to allow these additional areas into ESD17. On your ballot there will be Propositions A & B for both the city of Pflugerville and the ETJ. So there will be a total of 4 boxes to check YES on. Proposition A is allowing the additional areas to
be included in ESD17 and Proposition B is to allow them to be taxed.

Early voting is Oct. 18- 29 and Election day is Nov. 2nd. Please go out and vote and let your
voice be heard. We will be there for you when you need us the most, and we are asking for your support in this election. The Pflugerville Professional Firefighters Association appreciates the continued support from the Wells Branch residents and is honored to serve the community everyday.

Thank you,
Pflugerville Professional Firefighters Association, Local 4137

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