WBNA Arts at the Library

Saturday, September 23 | 10:00am – 3:00pm
WB Community Library Parking Lot | 15001 Wells Port Drive

We are excited to launch the NEW Arts at the Library event. This event will target hand-crafted goods, services and artwork. We are offering a “farmer’s market” format for local artisans and crafters. If you hand craft something wonderfully unique and you want to sell it—and you want to grow your business in the Wells Branch area, this event is for YOU and the Wells Branch community.

Variety is the spice of life! Do you make jewelry or work in wood, glass, clay, textiles or resin? How about painting, photography or home goods? Do you craft personal care products like soaps, honey, candles or natural beauty products?
Do you bake, cook, write or create music? Apply today to reserve a space.

WBNA is organizing this event for the community to help promote the wide variety of locally hand-crafted goods, original artwork, photography, literature, music and culinary creations. We will also host a small area for “Kids Crafts” for young entrepreneurs looking to learn how to market their work.

Fees collected for the stall space will serve as a donation to the WBNA organization, which in turn benefits the entire Wells Branch neighborhood.

Format: Open air parking lot with assigned spaces, Canopies
recommended (10×10’).

10 x 10’ space for $25
10 x 20’ double space for $40
4×6’ open table space (breezeway)  for $15
6’ tables for $10 (limited supply)

There will be an open stage area available for live performances, such as music, readings or story telling. Call to schedule a slot.

Apply today to have a space assigned:
Questions? Contact Margaret Sufke:
info@wbna.us or call 512-341-0824 (msg).

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