Neighborhood Watch Training Program

Deputy Alexis White, TSCO Community Outreach Program
Thursday, February 29 | 7:00-8:00pm
WB Community Center | 2106 Klattenhoff Drive
(immediately following the WBNA general meeting)

Last November the WBNA hosted the Travis County Sheriff’s Office community forum for public safety. Prior to that session, the WBNA conducted a short neighborhood safety survey. One of the biggest takeaways was that folks wanted to re-establish an active, hands-on Neighborhood Watch group. 76% of the survey respondents indicated there was not an ACTIVE neighborhood watch group either on their street or within their immediate subdivision. Getting new block captains educated and re-assigning streets or manageable areas is the first step.

Deputy Alexis White will return to Wells Branch to lead a face-to-face Neighborhood Watch Block Training Class. It is important that those interested in becoming block captains attend this class in person. Personal connections and getting to know your neighbors are the fundamental cornerstones to this program. The best way to defeat local “crimes of convenience” is to be active in your area and get to know your neighbors.

The class is free and should last about an hour. After the class each block captain should plan on 1-2 hours a month following up with their neighbors, keeping in touch and sharing safety tips.

The WBNA is proud to host TCSO Deputy White. Both the WBNA and the WB MUD want to encourage safety and fellowship within the entire Wells Branch community. The WBNA team will work with the individual block captains to make sure they have the tools and knowledge required to help support their neighbors. As a friendly reminder, the WBNA is serving as the host for this class and has no direct authority for WB covenants or law enforcement.

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