The Importance of Picking Up Pet Waste

While most pet owners know it is responsible to clean up after their dogs in public spaces, it is important to know the significance of this simple act, especially when visiting a contained space like Willow Bend Dog Park. Pet waste left unattended can lead to a host of problems, affecting not only human health but also our beloved environment in Wells Branch. When picking up your dog’s waste, think about the reasons why you are doing it.

Disease Control: Dog waste may contain harmful bacteria, worms, and parasites that pose a threat to both humans and pets. Some of these pathogens can remain in the soil for extended periods, putting the neighborhood at risk of infections.

Watershed Protection: Neglected pet waste can wash into nearby streams, impacting water quality. In areas like ours, where we’re part of a vulnerable watershed, maintaining water quality is crucial to safeguarding our ecosystem.

Pest and Rodent Control: Dog waste becomes an attractive food source for rodents in suburban areas. This can lead to rodent infestations, carrying additional health risks for the community.

Cleanliness: Beyond health concerns, stepping into dog waste during a walk is an unpleasant experience. It’s unsightly and disrupts the enjoyment of public spaces.

To tackle these issues when visiting Willow Bend Dog Park, follow these tips for cleanup and disposal:

Utilize the District’s Mutt Mitt Stations. We have several Mutt Mitt stations with doggie bags available in Willow Bend Dog Park, as well as throughout our parks and trails. If you do not have a bag, take one from these receptacles.

Carry waste bags. To make responsible pet waste cleanup more convenient, consider carrying your own bags when visiting the dog park. Many clip directly on the leash or come with convenient storage options.

Never leave dog feces on the ground. Do not throw doggie bags over the fence or leave them on the ground. Dog waste always poses an environmental hazard. Use a trash receptacle and safely dispose of the waste.

By picking up after pets, you contribute to a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant space for all. Let’s keep the Willow Bend Dog Park safe and beautiful together!

This article was originally published as an online reminder by the Wells Branch MUD district office.

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