WBNA Election Results & Event Updates

Please welcome our board members for 2024! We are excited to have a new member, Steve Cockrell, joining the team. Lara Bennett and Pam Wachholz have returned to the group
and their enthusiasm for the community is truly appreciated. On February 29, we had a quorum vote with 16 votes or proxies being recognized. Returning and new members were duly elected. Next year, positions 1, 3, 5 and 7 will be up for election in 2025.

Lara Bennett — (position 3) Nadia Bernard — (position 6)
Steve Cockrell — (position 2) Margaret Sufke — (position 7)
Juli Thatcher — (position 4) Pam Wachholz — (position 5)

There were no nominations from the floor for Position 1, so it remains open. We will continue to actively seek a volunteer for the remaining post. Following the general public meeting the new board will meet as a group and roles will be

The board approved the Shot in the Dark at the Park solar eclipse event. We are partnering with the WB Photo group to host this event. The 2024 Arts at the Library—Craft
Marketplace has been confirmed for September 28 — look for more information in the next issue. We will also host a Candidate Forum closer to the elections in November.

Just a friendly reminder. If you have not joined or renewed, use the membership form on page 12 or pay online at: https://wbna-inc.square.site. If you have already paid your 2024 dues, thank you.

A sincere thank you to everyone who has volunteered and supported the WBNA. YOU make the Wells Branch Community better. We are all looking forward to another
fun-filled year!

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