Wells Branch Garden Tour – This Saturday!

Kathleen Clark's garden

Plan on spending approximately 20 minutes at each garden, have some discussions and either walk and/or carpool to the next garden location.  If you’re running late, jump in and join the tour at the next site.

Order of Tour:

  1. Patsy Nelson-Farmer, 2302 Rick Whinery Dr.
  2. Tara Fisher-Muñoz, 2300 Rick Whinery Dr.
  3. Mona Speranza, 2102 Nathan Dr.
  4. Mari Noga, 2027 Cervin
  5. Dianne Koehler, 14909 Alpha Collier
  6. Kathleen Clark, 2209 Quiet Wood Dr.
  7. George Holcombe, 14900 YellowLeaf

Refreshments and a chance to visit with your neighbors at George’s garden!  Please join us for this first ever Wells Branch Garden Tour!!

For questions call George @ 252-2756 or Tara @ 809-3471

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