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WB Garden Guild
Landscaping Contest
$100 Prize!

The Wells Branch Neighborhood Association and the Garden Guild are sponsoring a yard landscaping contest for the Spring of 2019.  A one hundred dollar prize will be awarded to the yard voted best landscaped during the Wells Branch Garden Tour on May 18, 2019.  You may nominate your yard for inclusion in the tour by sending photos of your landscaping with your name, physical address, email and phone number to by April 20, 2019.  Nine yards will be selected to participate in the tour, with an emphasis on including yards new to the tour, and tour participants will vote to name one yard “Best Landscape of the Tour“.

Join us for the Wells Branch Garden Guild’s 6th Annual Garden Tour!

Raspberries! (at the WB Community Garden)
Raspberries at the Community Garden

Sneak a peek behind the fences and see some of the best and most interesting gardens in Wells Branch.  Take a look at how neighbors are planting to create an oasis in the shade or a sunny paradise.  We’ll visit both vegetable and flower gardens and take away lots of great ideas.  Meet THIS Saturday, May 21, 8:45am at the Rec. Center, 3000 Shoreline Drive,  to carpool.  Departure is 9:00am.  Plan on spending approximately 20 minutes at each garden, have some discussions, then travel to the next location.  If you’re running late, jump in and join the tour at the next site.

Order of Tour:

  1. View new landscaping at the Rec. Center while gathering to carpool to gardens
  2. Tracy Simon15036 Babbling Brook“Improvement”
  3. Patsy Nelson-Farmer2302 Rick WhineryEclectic, native plants, container and veggies
  4. Elaine Betterton • 14939 DoriaEcoscape and vegetable garden
  5. Vicky Insalata14975 DoriaBird and butterfly friendly native plants
  6. Jennifer Higgins14901 BescottLarge rock patio, disappearing stream, doggie
  7. Shelley Palmer1709 GaylordUnusual natives
  8. Cheryl Gaffaney2141 CervinNative plants, open back yard with lots of pavers
  9. Don Harrell14533 Donald DriveXeriscape sun in front, Xeriscape shade in back
  10. Rachel Lebansky14904 Yellowleaf TrailBee and butterfly attracting flowers
  11. Community GardensCorner of Town Hill & Single Trace Vegetable gardens

Please join us for the Wells Branch Garden Tour!!

Click HERE for MAP and ROUTE.  *Please note: typo in map legend – correct address is 14939 Doria Drive. 

Order Rain Barrels by June 13th for June 20th pick-up!

The Wells Branch MUD and a local manufacturer, Senox, have partnered to bring you good prices on rain barrels that will be delivered right here to the neighborhood for easy pick up.

Rain Barrels 3There are four different sizes of barrels (click on gallon size for info), a 50-gallon, flat back barrel style (available in 6 colors), a 54-gallon completely round barrel (3 colors to choose from) and a really rugged barrel with internal lining to keep things dark: this one comes in 28 colors and two sizes (100 and 250 gallon).  These last two are definitely tanks for the backyard.

Order the barrels by June 13th and pick up on June 20th between 9:00am and Noon at 13905 Thermal Drive. ALL barrels MUST be picked up during the designated time frame. If you are ordering a larger sized barrel and need help getting it from Thermal Drive to your Wells Branch home, contact Daniel White with Venture Crew 1409 at 512-413-0097 or to schedule delivery.  The Crew has offered to handle delivery for a nominal donation to their summer camp fund.

To find more information on the barrels and to order, visit:

You can get further savings of .50 a gallon of your purchased rain barrel by requesting the water harvesting rebate, find information and the form here:

Please follow the ACC guidelines for rainwater harvesting equipment installation and send in the associated form, find them here:

Wells Branch Garden Guild Tour • Saturday, May 16

1459996_676464325816740_5210458711229334784_nThis year’s Garden tour will include all types of gardens “in progress” Wells Branch has seen a surge in gardening and water conservation. Join us to take a look at a few. Look for signs in

the yards on Saturday.

  • 8:45-9:00 Meet at Rec Center Parking Lot • 3000 shoreline
  • 9:05-9:30 Parker & Celeste Richardson • 2109 Nathan Dr
  • 9:35-10:00 Chandra Patel • 2409 Rick Whinery Dr
  • 10:05-10:30 Rachel LeBansky • 14904 Yellowleaf Trl
  • 10:35-11 Dianne Koehler • 14909 Alpha Collier11209695_676464242483415_3726786229301138149_n
  • 11:05-11:30 Elaine & David Betterton • 14939 Doria
     Vicky Linsalata • 14975 Doria Drive
  • 11:35-12 Tracy Simon • 15036 Babbling Brook Dr.
  • 12:05 WBE school garden and orchard– patio tomato plants available in the greenhouse $1-2.

Click HERE for Tour Map

Click HERE for Photo Album of Tour

Birding in Wells Branch

by Wanda Holcombe

434A4596#2wThe WB Birding Group looks forward to a productive year in 2015 as our park, streams and pond attract even more birds with the continuing care, and backyards become healthy natural habitats.  If you are interested in finding out more about how your backyard can become a Certified Wildlife Habitat, visit the National Wildlife Federation website at Continue reading Birding in Wells Branch

Photos of the Garden Tour & Disc Gold Grand Opening now on Facebook!

As many of you know, we try and post photos of all the events in Wells Branch.  We hope you’ll take time to visit our Facebook page and view our pictures.  Feel free to tag photos or add your own to the event albums.  If you’re not on FB, the links below will allow you to view the photos without joining.  Once on-site, click on any picture and it will enlarge and you can view as a slide show.

If you’d like reminders of upcoming events, visit our WBNA Facebook Page and “like” us.  You’ll receive notification of upcoming events and posted pictures, important reminders for the neighborhood and sometimes even lost or found pet notices.

Here are a few of our most recent events along with a bonus album of WB Photos by Roberto White, a collection of wonderful shots of our neighborhood throughout the seasons.  Enjoy!

2013 Garden Tour Photos

Disc Golf Course Grand Opening Photos

May Planting of the Butterfly Garden by American Heritage Girls – Photos

2013 Spring Youth Fishing Tournament Photos

2013 Pioneer Fest Photos

2013 Dog Fair Photos

2013 WBNA Easter Egg Hunt Photos

Photos of Wells Branch by Roberto White

Garden Tour Photos!

To see more pictures of the Annual WB Garden Guild Tour, please visit our WBNA Facebook Page or the WB Garden Guild Facebook Page.  Our tour was great fun!  We hope you enjoy the photos!

Wells Branch Garden Tour – This Saturday!

Kathleen Clark's garden

Plan on spending approximately 20 minutes at each garden, have some discussions and either walk and/or carpool to the next garden location.  If you’re running late, jump in and join the tour at the next site.

Order of Tour:

  1. Patsy Nelson-Farmer, 2302 Rick Whinery Dr.
  2. Tara Fisher-Muñoz, 2300 Rick Whinery Dr.
  3. Mona Speranza, 2102 Nathan Dr.
  4. Mari Noga, 2027 Cervin
  5. Dianne Koehler, 14909 Alpha Collier
  6. Kathleen Clark, 2209 Quiet Wood Dr.
  7. George Holcombe, 14900 YellowLeaf

Refreshments and a chance to visit with your neighbors at George’s garden!  Please join us for this first ever Wells Branch Garden Tour!!

For questions call George @ 252-2756 or Tara @ 809-3471