Order Rain Barrels by June 13th for June 20th pick-up!

The Wells Branch MUD and a local manufacturer, Senox, have partnered to bring you good prices on rain barrels that will be delivered right here to the neighborhood for easy pick up.

Rain Barrels 3There are four different sizes of barrels (click on gallon size for info), a 50-gallon, flat back barrel style (available in 6 colors), a 54-gallon completely round barrel (3 colors to choose from) and a really rugged barrel with internal lining to keep things dark: this one comes in 28 colors and two sizes (100 and 250 gallon).  These last two are definitely tanks for the backyard.

Order the barrels by June 13th and pick up on June 20th between 9:00am and Noon at 13905 Thermal Drive. ALL barrels MUST be picked up during the designated time frame. If you are ordering a larger sized barrel and need help getting it from Thermal Drive to your Wells Branch home, contact Daniel White with Venture Crew 1409 at 512-413-0097 or danieltwhite@sbcglobal.net to schedule delivery.  The Crew has offered to handle delivery for a nominal donation to their summer camp fund.

To find more information on the barrels and to order, visit: http://www.wellsbranchmud.com/rainbarrels.

You can get further savings of .50 a gallon of your purchased rain barrel by requesting the water harvesting rebate, find information and the form here: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/rainwater-harvesting-rebates

Please follow the ACC guidelines for rainwater harvesting equipment installation and send in the associated form, find them here: http://www.wellsbranchmud.com/general_information/architectural-control-committee.html

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