A plea from our neighbors along our greenbelts…

Submitted by Ed & Kay Peterson

Given the continued drought this summer and the risk of wildfires, we are asking you, our neighbors, to please refrain from smoking along our trails and in our parks, parking on the grass, riding dirt bikes in the fields or other potential hazards until this risk subsides. We are under a mandatory burn ban so if you see anyone doing any of these things, please remind them that it’s just not safe right now.

We lost so many trees to the drought last year; we would hate to lose more due to a fire or worse yet, have a fire spread to our homes. Please, please, please, use caution when doing any activity outside, recreational or otherwise.

Click HERE to download a comprehensive wildfire prevention plan from the Texas Forest Service or look under our “Safety” tab for articles on Fire Safety.  Below is a link to the  FEMA website for further information on wildfires if you are interested.  In addition, there are several Fire Safety articles featured on this website under “Safety”.  Thanks and stay safe.

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