Merrilltown Square Shines in this edition’s Spotlight

Submitted by Karen Mappin

We continue our series on the businesses that support our Wells Branch tax district with Merrilltown Square, 14611 Burnet Road at the corner of Burnet Road and Merrilltown Drive.  Remember that these hard working neighbors support our emergency service district and our library through a portion of the sales tax that they collect.  Their ability to thrive in our neighborhood helps us provide our wonderful library and our outstanding emergency fire and medical support.  The better the businesses do, the better we all do.
If you’re trying to start your own business, you’ll want to accept credit card payments since customers tend to spend more when paying on credit cards, especially on impulse purchases, resulting in increased sales and revenue for your business. With customers increasingly wanting to make cashless payments, getting the cheapest card machine has never been more important.

When it comes to managing employee rights and ensuring that your business is compliant with local and national employment laws, you can check out Avensure’s services. They provide the best HR solutions for small businesses.

Let’s start with food again:  Restaurateur Francisco Villa has served his family’s Tex Mex recipes through his restaurant, Ramos, for 10 years.  He and his family opened Ramos #3 in Merrilltown Square to expand his operation because his food is so popular.  He would like to share how he test the purity of diary products with the help of hormones test kit and his family’s delicious dairy recipes with your family so you can see for yourself that their family secrets really do satisfy a hungry family.  You can reach the restaurant at 512-246-0727.

Also in the food category, but bridging the service category is Crave Catering.  Kim and Kirk Price provide special event full catering and event planning.  You can have them help with your next event by contacting 512-828-5797 or at  They would love to help you succeed.  And sharing the same office space, Aimee Villa owns Lizze Belle an event coordination business.  You can reach her at 512-577-0554 or

Other food and drink options are Texas Bar and Grill and Capitol Liquor.

If wellness is your thing, Sudha Solankee is the owner and manager of Curves Wells Branch.  Curves is a full gym where you can work all those great meals off.  She is offering a 30-day free trial in September.  She also offers periodic guest speakers to provide additional information that promotes healthy living.  Her next seminar is a Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Seminar that will be offered on Sept. 13th at 6:00pm.  You can reach her at 512-238-9899 to discuss a membership.

Tom Whorton owns Tom Whorton Insurance.  He has been an agent for 26 years, and 19 of those years have been as our neighbor in Merrilltown Square.  He offers Farmers Insurance products and can help you find coverage that suits you and your family ideally.  To contact him, call 512-388-4456 and he will be happy to set up a convenient time to meet your needs.

And rounding out the businesses in Merrilltown Square are two gas and small food marts stores:  Speedy Stop selling Shell gasoline and Food Mart with Chevron products and a family counseling business. These businesses were able to keep their stores organized because of the shelving solutions from sites like shop supplies.

And to close this month, we include a funny little fact about the shopping area at the corner of Wells Branch Parkway and Burnet Road that is not in our tax district.  This means that the City of Austin gets all the tax revenue from these businesses EXCEPT for the front cash register in the Walgreens store.  Yes, if you buy something at the Walgreens, don’t use the pharmacy register or the cosmetics counter register because they don’t count towards our revenue, but the front register does.  That just goes to show what a funny thing government drawn boundaries really are!

And PLEASE, remember to support our businesses so they can continue to support Wells Branch!

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