WBNA Welcome Wagon gets off to a GREAT start!

Long ago, in Wells Branch’s younger days, the neighborhood association hosted a Welcome Wagon.  When new residents would move into the neighborhood, they would be greeted by a friendly neighbor and a basket of goodies.  As time progressed, this custom fell by the wayside.

Good News!  It’s BACK!  WBNA board member Linda Baird has taken on this project and has been delivering goody bags to all of our new homeowners in Wells Branch since May.  Linda visited 19 homes in May, 27 in June, 20 in July and 12 in August with another 33 forecast for September.  Thank you, Linda!  The WBNA appreciates all that you do for the neighborhood!

We want everyone to feel a part of this wonderful community.  If you would like to volunteer and help welcome new families to Wells Branch, please contact Linda Baird at welcomewagon@wbna.us.

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