Covenant Corner – Home Repairs & Yard Maintenance

Cooler temperatures are almost here! Fall is an excellent time to take a close look at your home and evaluate the exterior for necessary repairs. Foliage has died back and it’s easy to see just what needs to be done.

Keeping up the outside of your house is important not only because it’s a condition of the covenants in most sections, but because it helps us all maintain our property values and keeps Wells Branch beautiful.

Our yards have taken a beating with the recent drought and many of us have dead trees or shrubs that need to be removed.

Now that the weather has cooled down, take a moment to assess the work needed and make a plan. It’s worth the investment.

*If you have questions about the covenant restrictions for your area, please visit the MUD website at and download a copy of the covenants specific to your area for quick reference. They also have a helpful section on frequently asked questions as well as their policy on citations. If you have received a letter and need more time, or circumstances do not allow you to resolve the problem at this time, notify the MUD at 251-9814; ask for covenant enforcement.

In addition, Wells Branch Community Church runs a program called Neighbors in Need where they offer assistance with light repairs, etc. for those unable to do the work themselves. You may contact WBCC at 484-2614.

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