Disc Golf Course has moved!

from Brian Litke –

The 7 baskets from the north side of the Wells Branch disc golf course were removed last Thursday in preparation for placing them on the south end of the course.

The WB Disc Golf Green Team will be doing litter pickup on the north side of Wells Branch Pkwy this Saturday. Wells Branch recently approved a LOT of tree planting along the creek in the area between Wells Branch Pkwy and Wells Port, and we want to make sure the area is clean and looking its best!

Players should start using the new start location for the WB disc golf course:
– From I-35, take exit 247 west on Wells Branch Pkwy.
– Turn left on Owen Tech Blvd.
– Use curb parking on the street across from Whataburger 

Course map available at: http://www.krazyawesome.com/discgolf/

1 thought on “Disc Golf Course has moved!

  1. I am so thankful to WBMUD for increasing efforts on upgrading our park & DG course. That course is one reason why we decided to buy our home in Wells Branch last year.
    Thank you to all who are involved in this decision.

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