Youth Advisory Team forming NOW!

Are you a youth resident in Wells Branch? Would you like to have your voice heard for future programs and amenities?

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Team (YAT) will be to partner with the Wells Branch MUD Board of Directors (BOD) to develop and improve activities, programs, and amenities for teenagers that reside within the Wells Branch community. This
does not, at this time, include designing any facility, i.e. bike park, skate-park, etc.

*This isn’t saying the skate park is off the table – the Board would just like to start with a comprehensive look at what the WB teens want in the way of amenities and programming.

Accepted applicants will need to be available to attend meetings during late afternoons, early evenings and/or weekends.  Dates and times will be contingent upon the team’s availability.

Go to the district’s website and print the application or pick up a copy at the WB Recreation Center, 3000 Shoreline Dr.  Please deliver your application to the WB Recreation Center by Friday, March 8th.

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