Tentative New Charter School to Open at Shoreline

From Kim Clark, WB resident

I’ve communicated via e-mail with the director of a tentative new charter school that, if approved by the TEA, will be at Shoreline Christian Church. There is going to be an informational meeting at the church on March 17 at 6 PM in the church chapel. The name for this school would be the Wells Branch Leadership Academy. I thought I’d share it here as I felt there could be some Wells Branch parents who might be interested.  For questions, contact Tom Koger, Director at 210-421-9025.

1 thought on “Tentative New Charter School to Open at Shoreline

  1. I know they have a number of other informational meetings coming up too. It would be nice if they gave us the schedule for those that are interested. I know people on the google discussion group wanted more information. This could be a great asset to our community.

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