Do you know the name of a good…?

by Tammy DeWitt Le

We all need repair vendors at one point or another and it’s always helpful to get a referral from someone you know.  I have noticed Wells Branch Residents frequently ask (via the handy Google email list) for the name of a reliable plumber, electrician, handyman, painter, or other home repair vendor.  However there has been no central place for storing these recommendations and it’s difficult to scroll through past emails to find a name.

To help all Wells Branch residents, I have created a new page on my website called “Recommended by Wells Branch” Home Repair Vendors. This page will only include people who have been recommended and no compensation will ever be received from any vendor listed.  The goal of the page is to easily share helpful information between neighbors.  The page is located at under the Wells Branch menu.  If you have had a good experience with a home repair/improvement vendor, please email me at  Conversely, I will remove any vendor from the list if they get frequent complaints. I hope you all find this site useful and I welcome any feedback you may have to further improve this page.

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