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Household Hazardous Waste Collection Guidelines:
This is a BOPA Collection ONLY. Please read carefully as you will not be allowed to leave anything not included on the approved list at the Maintenance Yard. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please call me at 512-656-0654.

What we CAN accept at the Maintenance Yard (13905 Thermal) tomorrow:
• Batteries: Car, Boat, Motorcycle, ALL Household
• Oil: Motor oil, both used & new, oil filters
• Paint: ALL Paint (cans, bottles)
• Anti-freeze: Just what it says – ANTI-FREEZE only
• Cooking Oil

What we CANNOT accept at the Maintenance Yard (13905 Thermal) tomorrow:
• Automotive Fluids other than Anti-freeze
• Gasoline
• Diesel Fuel
• Fluorescent Bulbs (try Lowes, Home Depot, Target)
• Cleaners
• Photographic Chemicals
• Mercury
• Radioactive Materials
• Medical Waste
• Tires
• Explosive Materials
• Business Waste
• Fertilizers, Pesticides & Herbicides – take to Dianne’s for repurposing
• Pool Chemicals – take to Dianne’s for repurposing
• Spray Paint (spray cans can go into your curbside blue recycling bin or you may drop them off at Dianne Koehler’s house – see below)
• Paint Thinner – take to Dianne’s for repurposing

What you should take to Dianne Koehler (14909 Alpha Collier) for repurposing:
All items must be in original packaging with instructions on them. If bags are not sealed, please do so before dropping off. No leaking containers as Dianne’s garden is organic. Please stack with like products.
• Fertilizers • Pesticides • Herbicides • Pool Chemicals • Spray Paint & Thinners

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