WBNA Needs YOU!!!

by Debby Thompson, WBNA President

Whether you’re in-district or out-of-district, home owner or apartment dweller, you’re a part of Wells Branch and that makes you a part of the Wells Branch Neighborhood Association. While membership in the WBNA is completely voluntary, your membership counts. YOU make a difference.

Easter BunnyThroughout the year, the WBNA works to serve our community. Creating and maintaining our sense of community is really what we’re all about. Whether it’s the events we host throughout the year, our newsletter, the website, or our Facebook page, they all exist to serve you, our neighbors. This time each year, we ask you to support your neighborhood association by renewing your WBNA membership. Household membership is only $20.

Membership in the WBNA helps to protect the value of your home by keeping you informed about neighborhood crime, proposed developments (i.e. housing, toll road construction, school boundary changes) and community NNO 4events. We attend regular MUD Board meetings and host public meetings for the school districts, county, TXDOT and our State Representative in order to stay on top of changes that might affect our Wells Branch family. While we represent the greater WB area, our voice is stronger if we have a large membership of record to back it up.

aIMG_5194The WBNA sponsors many events throughout the year that improve the neighborhood and help foster community spirit. Your dues, along with funds raised at the 4th Fest Silent Auction, pay for the annual Easter Egg Hunt, National Night Out, our participation at Trunk or Treat and Luminary Fest, Candidate Forums and Safety Seminars throughout the year. In addition to these events, our Board and Members coordinate and volunteer their time for Wells Branch at our Extreme Clean events. Together with the WB MUD, we continue to grow and expand the services offered each quarter. Last, but certainly not least, the WBNA Neighborhood News (six issues per year), our website wbna.us, and our Facebook page provide you with the latest information on what’s going on in our community.

lf70WBNA is literally a labor of love. It was created by and is run by VOLUNTEERS. All of these activities are funded through membership, advertising in the newsletter and the 4th Fest Silent Auction. While you receive all the benefits of having an active neighborhood association for free, your $20 membership really does make a difference in what we can provide. There’s a membership form on the back page of each newsletter, a printable version on the website (click HERE), and an enclosed envelope in the January/February newsletter. Can we count on your support this year?

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