FOL Financial Foundational Series

Session 1:  Social Security: The new rules and how they apply to you
Thursday, February 23, 6:30–8:00pm

WB Community Center, 2106 Klattenhoff
Guest Speaker:  Philip D. Capriotti, Sr.

Cost:  No Fee  —  Download SAMPLE REPORTS / DOCUMENTS below.

FOL FFS Series 1 Social Security Secrets

FOL FFS Series 1 Sample SSN Report

Ready to start learning more about personal finance? You don’t have become a financial advisor or a Wall St. wizard to master some key financial fundamentals. Often, it is what you don’t know or after the fact that teaches the hardest lessons learned. Monthly income from social security is only one brick in your financial model. Invest a little of your time to maximize your benefits.


  • How the new laws “changes the game”
  • How to avoid making poor choices early in the game, that impact the overall pay out
  • Maximize lifetime benefits
  • Delayed retirement credits
  • Key points to help manage tax impact on social security income

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS for ATTENDEES (Please note nothing will be sold during the event)

  • Social Security Maximization Report – 2 hour consultation with our Social Security Specialist to create and review their own individualized Social Security Maximization report and answer their individual questions
  • Retirement Income Planning Report – consult and report with our CEO, Philip D. Capriotti, Sr.
  • Personal Pension & RMD Distribution Planning Report – consult and report with our CEO, Philip D. Capriotti, Sr.
  • Income Tax Reduction Review – consult and report with our CEO, Philip D. Capriotti, Sr.

In addition to hosting the educational seminars, we have established a new Google Group for the complete learning program. All materials provided at each session, plus additional reference materials will be made available through the Google group (via Google drive).

We will be collecting contact information at each event. Email Margaret Sufke at to be added to the Google group for this educational series.

See you this Thursday evening at 6:30 pm at the Wells Branch Community Center. Remember the more you learn about what you don’t know, the fewer and less costly mistakes you will make.

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