FOL Financial Planning Seminar THIS Thursday!

“How to Maximize your 401k, Pensions and IRA Benefits”

March 30 • 6:30-8:00pm • WBCC • 2106 Klattenhoff

If you missed our 1st session, you can always catch up. The second session is being led by the same team (Senior Tax Advisors) with more educational information on the “best practices” to help manage any level of retirement resources. Remember, it’s what you don’t know that can lead to a missed opportunity. Here are the details:
Session 2 (MAR 30th): How to Maximize your 401k, Pensions and IRA Benefits
• How other retirement benefits and payouts work in tandem to maximize your Social Security benefits
• How to avoid making poor choices early in the game, that impact the overall pay out
• Maximize lifetime benefits through longer term strategies
• Alternate plans if you have limited resources
• All attendees will be able to sign up for a FREE 2 hour customized planning session with the team from Senior Tax & Insurance Advisors
Light refreshments will be provided

Look for an upcoming article in the next WBNA Newsletter, which details the overall program. We will be publishing a refresher article from the 1st session and will include some hand outs. Additional resources will also be provided. Below are are a couple of quotes from folks who attended the first session.
“I was glad I attended the presentation even though I have 20+ years before I can think about drawing Social Security. The presentation gave me things to think about now so I can better plan for my future. There was no sales pitch and I walked away very happy that I had attended.” — Sherrie L. (posted message)
“Thank you for putting this event together. This is an important series of topics for the community.” — Shelley P. (verbal message)
“I am so glad I came, I am glad the WB Friends of Library group agreed to help host this series. I learned so much tonight, more than I expected, and I am sorry I will be out of town for the next event.” — Gus K. (verbal message)
“We went to this meeting last night and received a tremendous down load of very valuable information! The folks at STA ( Senior Tax & Insurance advisors, PLLC ) have a very helpful presentation that is laid out in a way that we could understand and would help us make the best choice with our social security plan. This presentation had a good pace; in other words, I could stay present and track with it, and also had a very practical application that can possibly add money to our over all social security benefits. One of the best parts was that there was NO SALES PITCH, no high pressure to pick our company to help you; this made for an extremely refreshing and pleasant experience. Steve and I learned a lot about when would be the best time for us to think about retiring and getting our social security benefits. The information we received could earn us thousands of more dollars in benefits. I highly recommend coming to the next class and checking out this financial series, you will learn valuable information. I was not disappointed.” — Donna L. (post to local Google group)
Make plans to attend the second session. Please contact Margaret Sufke, for more info.

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