Bike & Trail Connectivity Meeting

Thursday, May 18 • 7pm
WB Community Center, 2106 Klattenhoff

The WBNA will be hosting a meeting coordinated by the Public Works division of the City of Austin to include the planners for COA urban trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks, as well as the corresponding Travis County departments as WB is in the COA ETJ.  There’ll be a presentation followed by a Q & A session with a basic overview of the current systems in place and what is planned (Urban Trails, Tier I & Tier II and forecast timeline for safe overall connectivity for Wells Branch and far North Austin, off road where possible.

Our neighborhood has invested heavily in our trail system, but the MUD can only affect trails within its boundaries; we’re isolated here and cannot easily and safely connect to any other trail system.  Coordination of central authorities (Travis County, COA, MUD) to develop plans to connect our neighborhood with other communities would be ideal.  As one resident put it, “I can ride my bike pretty much anywhere but the level of safety that I feel varies greatly depending on the infrastructure.  If I could ride with my boys up to train station SAFELY, we could get downtown and tool around the lake.  Same goes for getting to Walnut Creek.”

Our goal for this meeting is to find out, as residents in the ETJ, how can we impact the plan and where to start.  We look forward to learning more and hope you’ll join us!

Walk & Bike Talks – City of Austin

Although Wells Branch is outside the city limits, many of us work and play within its boundaries.  The COA Transportation Department is hosting community conversations on the following:

Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

Learn more about this planning effort to improve pedestrian safety and share your concerns related to walking safely on Austin streets.

Implementing the Bicycle Master Plan

Provide feed back on how the City should prioritize projects that can complete gaps in the bicycle network.

Many of you have strong opinions on this subject.  Please, attend one of the  four remaining meetings and share your thoughts.

Sat. Apr. 1 • Carver Branch Library
1161 Angelina Street • 10:30am-Noon

Sat. Apr. 1 • Ruiz Branch Library
1600 Grove Boulevard • 2:00-3:30pm

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